Bitshifters is a collective of like-minded creatives & developers with a shared love of the BBC Microcomputer and 8-bit retro computing in general.

We aim to share & celebrate this love through the production of demos, games and software freely available for all to enjoy, and foster the growing community of BBC Micro enthusiasts, plus hopefully encourage more people to join our collective!


We typically produce a couple of releases per year, usually centred around a particular theme, often in collaboration.

Our releases usually start life as technical, musical or visual ideas/doodles and evolve from there.

New contributors are very welcome to join us, just drop any of us a line on the contact channels below.


Collective Members

Kieran / kieranhj

Retro Coder


Simon / Henley

Retro Coder

6502 ARM VGM

Inverse Phase


Chiptunes VGM


Retro Coder

6502 Emus CRTC Tools

Vector Eyes

Retro Coder

6502 CRTC

Chris / Scarybeasts

Retro Coder

6502 CRTC BeebJIT 8271

Greets to our Friends...

Dom P

BBC Micro Bot Daddy

Sarah / Progen

Retro Demos / BBC & Arc Emulators

Stew B

Hardware Guru

Matt G

JSBeeb & Compiler Explorer King


All the Musics


Teletext Art Machine

John B

Retro Art

Cool Stuff

  • JSBeeb | Matt's BBC Micro in a browser
  • Owlet | Write & Tweet BBC BASIC programs online
  • B2 | Tom's BBC Micro Emulator
  • B-Em | Progen's BBC Micro Emulator
  • BeebVSC | Simon's Visual Studio Code Plugin for BBC Micro software development