Ode to Mode7

The Challenge

Write a game, demo, graphic effect, or anything fun / interesting that runs in & showcases the BBC Micro’s Teletext MODE 7.

Preferred target machine is standard BBC Micro with DFS for broadest possible distribution but submissions that rely on original hardware extensions (e.g. B+, Master, SWRAM, ADFS, 2nd processor) are also accepted. All submissions must run on original hardware.

Things to think about: ideas that could only be achieved in MODE 7, using & abusing the character mapped display of MODE 7.

For further inspiration:

Telextext Art by Dan Farrimond

Teletext NyanCat by CRTC

Teletext Web Editor for cooking up new screens!

Stardot Forum Thread

This is an open competition with no deadline. Submissions will be posted as we receive them.

  • Platform: BBC Micro
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Added 25 Jun 2017


Added 25 Feb 2017

You are welcome to discuss your ideas and share code on the stardot forums. Entries can be submitted using our site contact form, and please include a link to the disk image of your demo, source code, etc. along with information about your demo.

Wherever possible, entries will be gathered and archived on this site.

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